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PEF is now planning to launch new app “PEFCHAT.” Pakistani Executive forum is keen to inaugurate the ceremony by launching very soon Pakistan made product which shall have capacity to expand to as many users as of the PEFCHAT are today and the reason is that PEF has chosen cloud based model for this application which has capacity to scale up rapidly.


PEFCHAT is a simple chat app with features and functionality. The app will be launched and available on smartphones that are characterized by the immediacy of communication and the possibility of sending text messages, sound, images, video and even animations or documents of any kind. It is an app installed on most mobile phones that are in the market. Like all other applications and servers under PEF domain, while end-to-end encryption shall be implemented to secure the communication.


For a PEFCHAT user, adding an official account is practically the same as adding a friend. Users will send messages to official accounts in the same way as their friends. This creates interesting opportunities to use PEFCHAT as a customer service platform.



PEFCHAT has quickly emerged as the go-to messaging app  around the globe. It's a fast, simple, and convenient way for family and friends to chat, create group texts, share photos and videos, send and receive documents, and engage in private, secure conversations anytime, day or night.

For what purpose do people use PEF CHAT

PEFCHAT will always be safe to use because it provides end to end encryption. The underlying purpose of PEFCHAT is to facilitate communication. PEFCHAT can provide a channel through which people can achieve faster and more seamless communication. It can also increase the level of communication by sending text, images, videos, documents, and GPS location.
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